The Great Gatsby Carelessness Analysis

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In the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, there are important themes. One of the is carelessness, which examines the characters in The Great Gatsby who do not pay attention and are blinded from the realities of the world by their wealth, and this causes them to act in ways that are construed as careless. One character who displays the carelessness theme is Tom Buchanan. Tom Buchanan is an arrogant cheater, hypocritical bully, and he is selfish. Tom continually displays careless behavior towards the Wilsons, Gatsby, and especially towards his wife Daisy. During Tom and Daisy’s honeymoon, Tom is involved in a car accident that made the newspapers. He was with another woman, a maid at the Santa Barbara hotel. Her arm was broken. This shows Tom’s infidelity began early in his marriage and continued. Daisy was aware of it, and everyone who read the newspaper was aware of it. Daisy ignored Tom’s infidelity, remained in her marriage, and gave birth to their daughter several months later. In chapter one, Daisy informs us on how Pammy was just born and Tom was nowhere to be found. Tom is careless when Pammy is born because instead of Tom being with his first-born child he was out doing God knows what. This shows Tom carelessness, because…show more content…
While at the plaza Tom expresses to Gatsby that Gatsby has to throw big parties to have any friends, and that Gatsby is a common swindler, and Daisy will never leave him, especially not for some bootlegger. Tom is invidious towards Gatsby, so to get back at Gatsby; Tom tells George that Gatsby owns the yellow car, and that Gatsby was responsible for Myrtle’s death. “What if I did tell him? That fellow had it coming to him.” Tom is the reason George Wilson kills Gatsby, and he does not care. He takes no responsibility for it and feels no
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