The Great Gatsby Chapter 3 Analysis

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Question 3: In Chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby, Nick and a few other cordially invited guests attend a party hosted by the ever so famous Jay Gatsby. His purpose is to catch the attention of and ultimately win over the heart of his past lover, Daisy, even though she is married to Tom Buchanan. He feels as though their previous departure was misguided and that they truly belong together. He strives for this goal throughout the entire story and is willing to do whatever it takes to get her back, after all, the sole purpose of him buying a house in West Egg was to be closer to Daisy. When Nick and Jordan arrived at the party, they were taken aback by all the luxuries in the Gatsby residence. “The hot sand of his beach…his Rolls-Royce…the five crates…show more content…
Nick completed his task and everything seemed to be going smoothly, however the weather didn’t seem to agree. It, “was pouring rain,” (Fitzgerald.83) the day of the get-together, and to make it worse, Gatsby showed up looking pale with, “dark signs of sleepiness.” (Fitzgerald.84) After Daisy’s arrival, Nick can feel the tension brewing between the two and decides to leave in order to let them work things out. He returns to a silent room with Daisy in tears, but Gatsby however, was, “literally [glowing].” (Fitzgerald.89) Quite metaphorically, “the sun shone again,” (Fitzgerald.88) symbolizing that they had overcome the obstacles amongst them and they had moved on to a happier place. Following this, Gatsby invites Nick and Daisy to his residence, knowing that he can finally show off his luxurious possessions to her. While displaying his fine English clothing to them, Daisy bursts into tears once again, proclaiming that, “[she’s] never seen such—such beautiful shirts before,” (Fitzgerald.92) As the evening proceeds, the two forget that Nick is present for they are too preoccupied with each other. As a result, Nick quietly leaves unnoticed, leaving them both together. This is very significant in the sense that it shows the tense romance between Gatsby and Daisy actualizing, rather than being a mere presumption like it was

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