The Great Gatsby Chapter 4 Analysis

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The book, “The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald, explains the crucial story of Jay Gatsby through untitled chapters. The story remains in the chapters themselves. Although, there are many titles that can portray the overall theme in each chapter of the book. The title, ‘Unanswered Questions’, fits in with the plot and scene of chapter four by being the key to the answers of Nick Carraway and the readers.
The first way that the title is portrayed is through the view of a symbolic character. Nick Carraway was exposed to new information about Gatsby that he has never known before. In chapter four, Nick Carraway also seemed to be able to answer all of his own questions of to why Jay Gatsby was paying much more attention to him than to others
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Scott Fitzgerald addressed and wrote chapter four lead to a way for the reader to gain knowledge about Jay Gatsby and what the meaning was behind his actions. Jay Gatsby took certain ways around aspects that caused even us as the readers, hints of confusion throughout the book. Naming chapter four, ‘Unanswered Questions’, symbolizes the clarifications that were given to us as a result of Jay Gatsby’s actions. Throughout the book, by Jay Gatsby’s actions, there were points in time where we as readers even thought that Gatsby was a greedy person who was in love with money. Although chapter four clarified how he was just someone with ambitions to secure the woman he loved. Gatsby wanted to be closer to Daisy and win her love and he did it by first getting closer to Nick Carraway. This further on explains how us as the readers and Nick Carraway are in the same boat of trying to figure out who Jay Gatsby really is. Overall, Gatsby really was a lover. He loved Daisy with all his heart. When Nick Carraway says, “... always the city seen for the first time, in its first wild promise of all the mystery and the beauty in the world”, he is speaking about his description of New York. The way that Nick Carraway describes New York, in a way of beauty, amazement, and mystery, is the way that Jay Gatsby portrays Daisy. This was Nick Carraway’s first reaction to New York. His reaction is the same reaction as Gatsby when he sees Daisy for the first time. All of the
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