Describe The Relationship Between Gatsby And Daisy's Life

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During the tea meeting and tour of Gatsby’s mansion set up for Daisy and Gatsby set up by Nick it is clear that Gatsby is acting differently than normal. Nick gets the sense that he is embarrassed by Daisy’s clear happiness to see him again. By the end of the night it is clear the Nick that the reunion of the two (Gatsby and Daisy) has changed both of their lives forever. But Nick sense in a peculiar way that Daisy might not feel the same way about Gatsby. Gatsby spent the last five years on one goal alone. To reinsert himself into Daisy’s life, and now that it has happened she may not feel the same way about him that he feels about her.
In Chapter 5 we finally see the connection between Gatsby and Daisy that he has been pursuing for so long.
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He gets the sense that Gatsby isn't pleased by his encounter anymore. My understanding is that, yes he accomplished his dream and reached the green light at the end of the dock, that all happened and in the moment it was bliss and everything that he has wanted for the last five years, but now that it is completed life must go on. You can't stay in this moment forever and eventually you will need to move past it and return to your normal life. But how is that possible when you bring a fantasy to life? At this point you may start to wonder if Jay Gatsby was in love with Daisy or was he in love with the thought of Daisy. This five year pursuit of her allowed Gatsby the time to think and imagine what she is like when he hasn't seen her in years. He can perceive her to be how he wants her to be, not how she really is. In the end, as Gatsby is staring into Daisy’s eyes he grows more and more in love with the IDEA of Daisy that he has conjured up in his mind, not the actual Daisy that is in front of him. Finally, at the end of the night the two, Gatsby and Daisy are so involved with each other and blocking out the outside world that they forget that Nick is even there or set this whole thing up, so he leaves the two lovers alone to be
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