The Great Gatsby Chapter 6 Summary

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In chapter six of the great gatsby a lot of the motives, characteristics and other important attributes of the characters were revealed in the chapter. At the beginning of chapter six the reader and Nick learn that everything about Gatsby was a lie; even his name. We learn that he didn’t inherit any money, lived on a farm in North Dakota, and his real name is James Gatz. Gatsby’s motives were to become extremely rich and win the love of Daisy. He does this by lying to everyone to convince them that he is old money, putting him higher up the social ladder to get Daisy to notice him. Through dialogue we find out that he is a great liar and has basically everyone convinced that he went to Oxford and inherited his money. As for Gatsby’s morals, he obviously doesn’t have very good morals if he’s a bootlegger and is affiliated with gangsters. By chapter six Nick seems to be Gatsby’s best friend almost. Gatsby tells everything to Nick and is always going to him for help. At the beginning of chapter 1, one of the first things that Nick tells us is that he’s not a very judgemental person but throughout chapter six that’s almost all he does. He judges Tom for his supercilious attitude, Gatsby for living in the past and the partygoers for being so raucous all throughout the chapter. One conflict that occurs in this chapter is the love triangle happening between…show more content…
Even when Gatsby points out all of the celebrities Daisy remained unimpressed with the party. Daisy’s motives in chapter six are to spend more time with Gatsby for the most part. There was no other evidence for any other motives throughout the chapter. Daisy, like every character listed above besides Nick, is in a love triangle with Tom, herself and Gatsby. Daisy’s morals are comparable to Tom’s in the way that she has no problem having an affair and is a snob most of the
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