The Great Gatsby Charlie's Speech

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In part 2 of Atonement Robbie is treated equally and with respect as he has an obvious education and good speech, Robbie now referred to as “Turner” this shows that Robbie is now considered a different person and isn't judged by his convictions. Even though the two corporals that Robbie is travelling with are above him in rank they still rely upon him to navigate the way through the coast. Robbie is irreplaceable within these men as he has a good education behind him which is shown as he is able to speak French to many along their travels. But through Robbie’s time serving as a solider he is still in contact with Cecilia exchanges letters regularly.“Robbie and Cecilia had been making love for years — by post. In their coded exchanges they had drawn close, but how artificial that closeness seemed now as they embarked on their small-talk, their helpless catechism of polite query and response. As the distance opened up between them, they understood how far they had run ahead of themselves in their…show more content…
For example, Tom covers up the car crash that Daisy caused, even though Gatsby tells everyone that it was him. Daisy and Tom always retreat back to their money, it is as if they are protected when they are together with their wealth. They always run back to each other. In a critic review of the great Gatsby in vanity fair magazine written by Christopher Hitchens he explains that Gatsby’s “strenuous reinvention makes him look pitiable. The snobs win; this is a class society and those who work hard and play by the rules, like the wretched Mr Wilson, are treated like ordure, too.” This is evident as even though Gatsby has worked his entire life to win back the love of his life Daisy anything he does will never be good enough, she will always go back to Tom. Gatsby has worked this hard all for nothing which makes him look quite
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