Classics In The Great Gatsby

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I encountered The Great Gatsby from a myriad of lists on GoodReads, more specifically, it always falls on the lists where the themes seem to be “American Classics” and “Classics”.

So, I’ve decided to finally give it a try after some heavy persuasion. In my article, I will be discussing on what exactly makes The Great Gatsby an examples of great American Classics, as well as the themes and literary elements used within the novel.

The Great Gatsby, an unconventional love story, follows through the eyes of Nick Carraway, who made his way to New York from “the Middle West” to pursue a career in as a bond salesman. During his stay in West Egg, he meets a whole cast of fascinating characters with their own backstories. Some notable characters
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It was a period of time that occurred after the first World War. There was less responsibility, and it was a more relaxed time period. America was being built up, in terms of infrastructure, many parties were held and women had more easier roles, as seen with flapper girls. The Great Gatsby preserves the history of the Jazz Age, as we get to see these unique aspects all in the novel (for example, Gatsby’s famous parties) and it becomes a glimpse into the time period. Fitzgerald didn’t come up with these aspects, the author had written from his own perspective/experiences and it becomes a time…show more content…
As I’ve stated, the story plot is relatively simple (A man heading out east to make a living for himself, and meeting different characters along the way) and the different motifs used as plot devices (Doctor TJ Eckleburg, The Green Light). He also uses different forms of imagery, such as the green interior of Gatsby’s car (green has connotations of wealth/money) and associating Daisy with the colour white (pure). Together, along with the characterization and setting, it tells an unconventional story. Overall, I really enjoyed the tableau of the Jazz Age, and a glimpse into the
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