The Great Gatsby Color Symbolism Analysis

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Symbolism of colour
Through the use, and emphasis of certain colours, Fitzgerald evokes emotion to underline themes such as corruption and represents the characteristics of personalities and attributes of his characters. The constant use of white surrounds the description of the character Daisy Buchanan, as shown in the quote “They were both in white, and their dresses were rippling and fluttering”. Daisy is the main focus of the novel, the character perceived as the goal of Gatsby’s desires, the most perplexing and perhaps the most disappointing character present. Daisy is often portrayed as pure and innocent, a woman perfect enough, and worthy to be Gatsby’s love interest and the object of his affection. Daisy is depicted from the start with an angelic depiction, as the colour white often represent innocence, femininity and purity. Fitzgerald purposely chooses light and gentle diction, characteristically associating Daisy with white (dresses, flowers, cars). Daisy is at the start of the novel viewed as entirely flawless amongst a world complete with corruption, cheats and liars. Which makes it all the more ironic as towards the end, when her true nature is revealed, allowing the white symbolism to stand for false purity, highlighting the corruption instead. The white quality that had surrounded her before, marking the purity of her soul now represents her void of intellectualism and ability to care for others. Her development from something wholesome and light gets
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