The Great Gatsby: Comparing The Book And Movie

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First, in our comparison and differences, we should talk about the characters. First is Tom while in the book it shows that he was a bit uptight having Nick around in the first few chapters, Tom in the movie is more relaxed and with great confidence a bit snobby. When we first meet Daisy in the book, it appears that she is having the time of her life hanging out with Jordan but when any talk starts to head towards the love for Tom, she immediately saddens. Seeming to hide from the world. While in the movie, she from the very beginning is sad when she sees Nick but cheers up after some talking to. The last of the main characters is Jordan, in the book first meeting Nick shows quite a bit of interest in him as a man and a person. While in the movie it is very different, she is practically a blank canvas, she doesn’t show much interest and emotion. And for the man in the library, in the book, he is quite drunk and very heart broken. While in the movie he actually brings some sense into the “Gatsby disguise” and doesn’t…show more content…
When the movie’s first scene is shown, Nick is talking to a doctor in a hospital and revealing that Nick has many different symptoms of sicknesses. While in the book is wasn’t that he was talking to a doctor, just like he is writing about it or talking an insignificant person. While the big party was being held in the movie, Nick states that he was the only one to actually be invited. While in the book it could possibly referring to past parties, but it did say that a few that were invited to that party. The movie changed the setting when they met Gatsby quite a bit, first Gatsby wasn’t in a quieter area, he was serving to his guests. And second, they had Jordan leave Nick alone as he talked to Gatsby. In the book, he was in a quieter part of the garden, and Jordan stays with them as Nick and Gatsby talk to each other. I believe the book version is better for the
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