The Great Gatsby Comparison Essay

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In chapter 3 of The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby throws a gigantic party and invites his neighbor, Nick Carraway, to his party. This is significant because Gatsby is “in love” with Nick’s cousin Daisy. By inviting Nick, he befriends him in order to become closer to him to ask him to reintroduce him to Daisy, who is now married with child. In The Great Gatsby, Mr. Gatsby has unquestionably eccentric tastes. We can take notice to this in the book as well as in both films. However, like all adaptations, there are some differences between the three works. The newer movie appears to be the closest though. With the newer technology that we have, that’s not surprising. The scenes are bold and draw attention. There was just enough of too much to make it interesting. While in the book it tells us just how over-the-top Mr. Gatsby’s parties are, the movies can show us and captivate us. In the 2013 adaptation the…show more content…
Gatsby always has colossal blowouts and they happen so often and are so sizable that people from all over New York show up. The book, portrays Gatsby’s party as this amazing, breath-taking scene with people all over the place and dancing and drinking, while the first movie is bland and doesn’t show how eccentric the first party is. The second movie, however, is bright, bold, eye-catching, and reels you in. While both movies left out the scene from the library, the second one makes a quick reference to it. Also, in the 1997 version of the movie, Gatsby summons Nick to a room to meet him, while that’s not the case in the book. In the book Nick “happens upon” Gatsby and is only informed it is the host himself when Gatsby reveals himself to Nick after listening to Nick tell him some of the rumors he was just told himself. The party is much better represented in the new book because of the fact that it sticks closer to the book and uses bolder colors and
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