The Great Gatsby: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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Veronica Botello
Ms. Tobias
English 3 GT 4th
10 January 2017
The Great Gatsby Comparison The following paper will depict the comparisons of the film version of The Great Gatsby and the original novel.
In the Novel version of ‘The Great Gatsby’, the story of a man named Gatsby and his associations with people (such as his relationship with Daisy and Tom, which reaches its peak at about pg. 128-145) and his material wealth are told in vast detail. These events that take place in the novel are portrayed in the film adaptation of the novel.
Some of the more important points in the novel that were equally portrayed in the movie include the scenes in which Myrtle was hit by the car, and the part where Gatsby died.(pg. 177) These were important
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