The Great Gatsby Conflict Quotes

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Conflicts (list and describe the kinds [man vs. man, man vs. circumstance, man vs. society, man vs. himself/herself] of conflict that exist in the work): Gatsby Vs. Himself- Gatsby’s mind was dangerously trapped in the past, as he sought a love that he would never experience. Over five years before the story takes place, Gatsby met Daisy and instantly fell in love with her. There was only one problem, Gatsby was incredibly poor and Daisy sought a man of greater wealth. While Gatsby was away fighting in the war, Daisy, desperate to settled, slowly fell out of love. She found love in Tom Buchanan, a burly rich man, and eventually married him. Gatsby was utterly heartbroken. When he returned from the war, he could not get over this break up and made it his ultimate desire to be reunited in love with Daisy. He created a wild fantasy in his head, and did…show more content…
And I hope she’ll be a fool-that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool” (Fitzgerald 17). Daisy proclaims this line while speaking privately to her cousin Nick about the birth of her daughter. Her emotional words help reveal the harsh divide between males and females in the early 1920’s. Daisy had been subject to the male-dominated society since her birth, and is dismayed that her daughter will have to endure those same struggles. She is certain that her daughter’s intelligence will go unappreciated as hers did, and that her daughter’s frivolous nature and beauty will instead be embraced. Daisy presents this controversial line in an intriguing way; she doesn’t directly challenge the values of her society, yet makes certain to point them out. Her words also reveal that the true Daisy is not as simplistic as she seems. Daisy has molded herself to fit the standards her society provides her with. She is a creation of a male-dominated
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