The Great Gatsby Conflicts

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There is no relationship without a conflict. Each relationship is unique and their conflicts would varies from one to another. This essay will examine the different causes, consequences and see whether the conflicts are resolved through analyzing Extremely loud and incredibly close, Othello, The Social Network and The Great Gatsby.

In Extremely loud and incredibly close, there is a conflict between Oskar and his mother. They have a tense relationship ever since Dad’s death. It is caused by Oskar 's self-obsession with his own grief and his emotional immaturity. He thinks his mom is moving on too soon. He overlooks how his mom needs some comfort too. “Mom was with Ron in the living room, listening to music too loud and playing board
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The relationship conflicts in The Great Gatsby, Othello and The Social Network are all different. The conflict between Daisy and Tom is seen through the entire movie and is caused by their marriage based on the money and social status whereas in Othello the conflict is started by Iago and in The Social Network by Mark 's arrogance. Tom and Daisy cheat on each other (Tom with Myrtle and Daisy with Gatsby.) Daisy knows about her husband 's infidelity but still put up with him and acts obliviously e.g. Daisy ignores the fact that Myrtle calls Tom when she and Tom are at home. In contrast with Othello, he finds Desdemona’s supposed affair with Cassio intolerable whereas Daisy’s got to accept what’s going on between Tom and Myrtle. Similar to Daisy, Desdemona has to accept her husband’s action e.g. Othello murdered her, she says “Nobody, I myself.” Daisy and Desdemona has to accept whatever their husbands do. In Othello and The Great Gatsby time, “women were expected to tolerate what was going on around them and act like they don 't know much,” as Nick says. In modern day, Erica stands up for herself and express her thought. Erica won’t put up with or submit to Mark’s attitude like Daisy and Desdemona. In comparison between Tom, Othello and Mark, they are not tolerable of the idea their wife or girlfriend having affairs with other ( Daisy with Gatsby, Desdemona with Cassio and Erica with Bobby, the doorman.) This shows the inequality of men and women’ rights. Daisy and Tom’s relationship end up compatible as Daisy chooses Tom over Gatsby because Gatsby doesn’t have the background and security Tom can offer; Tom says Gatsby is "a common bootlegger.” Also Daisy scared to get in trouble for killing Myrtle. She conspires with Tom to make Gatsby the one who pays for the accident.They are both selfish. Their conflict resolves as they
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