The Great Gatsby Crack Up Analysis

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F. Scott Fitzgerald was a writer who rose to fame during the Roaring 20s with novels such as The Great Gatsby and The Side of Paradise. His article, the Crack-Up, is about the difficulties and confrontations of his fame. In the article, he writes about how there are things in life that will impact one, but it will be slow. Life continues to move and it will not stop for anyone. Regardless of what one does, life is process of breaking down because there are blows in life that influence a person and bring them down, but it is up to the person to do something about it. Fitzgerald was able to build up his argument by using a tone of existentialism and realization, including anecdotes and first person narration, and one sentence paragraphs to extend the suspense. Through his style of writing and…show more content…
Many people will be able to relate to what a person is saying because they might have similar thoughts or it happened to them too. He narrated his life and the realization that he “didn’t want to see any people at all” (3). During the time the article was published, he was probably very well-known and dealing with the consequences of fame. It was then in the quote that Fitzgerald realized his desire of being alone, yet it would be difficult to do so because of his fame. In the beginning, Fitzgerald struggled to get his first novel published. His fame came slowly, but it impacted him the most because it allowed him into a new world of glamour and experience. Fitzgerald showed the readers how his life was able to slowly come together and climaxed when he became famous. He fell into emptiness and despair, describing how his life has “broken down.” The process of life is described as a story, it has rising action, a climax, but it will have some falling action and an ending. To further support his argument, Fitzgerald utilized the effects of one-sentence
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