The Great Gatsby Dbq

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People are partying. The word of money fills in the air. People being miserable everywhere. These events were the daily lifestyle of people living in the 1920’s. The 1920’s was a prosperous time for America after World War I because after the war, the economy raised people’s hopes of being in the upper class. This was a great time for America to start advancing toward technology and people can rely on them to get the job done. With these events happening, Americans wanted more happy days to to continue in their daily life. Relatively in F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s story, The Great Gatsby Nick Carraway meets Jay Gatsby and he goes through the events related to the 1920’s. Also it focuses on the American Dream that people can have a opportunity…show more content…
In fact Frederick Lewis Allen 's book, Only Yesterday in 1931, it states that only, “Three years between from 1924 to 1927 there was a leap from 75 to 283.” and they also had, “Knowledge and books for etiquette for those who got rich quick and wanted to get cultured quick.” (Doc.C). The amount of everyday people being millionaires have now almost quadrupled during this time because the stock market was at its peak, But also during the three years, people were living in confusion that money will be waiting for them. So the “new money” generation wants to act as the “old money” since they acquired their wealth in a new manner. They also wanted to fit into their society so that they can feel accepted and treated with the same style of respect. That is, in F. Scott’s Fitzgerald’s story, The Great Gatsby it shows that Gatsby told Daisy, “ It took me three years to earn the money that bought it.” and he showed off to Daisy, “ [A] pile of shirts and began throwing them one by one, before us.” (Doc.D). This quote relates to Document C because Gatsby came from the lower class and he believed in the American Dream to make him rich. Gatsby wanted to make the best out of it to show Daisy that he can fit into their society. Materialism is showed in this story because people are really after the objects. In this passage, Daisy is so focused what Gatsby has instead of loving him herself. So by Gatsby being rich, he managed to get Daisy but not her heart since she does not know how to live with money. Getting rich can give anyone the world but, if there are no special connections, then it is all superficial and it means
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