The Great Gatsby Decay Of American Dream Essay

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The Decay of the American Dream In the 1920s, Fitzgerald writes a novel name “The Great Gatsby”. This novel impacts the lives of many people and the author shows us how the decay of the American dream is present throughout the whole book. He uses this book to show how the people from the 1920s were acting back then and how the corruption intervened into persuading a perfect lifestyle that everybody want it back then. The Great Gatsby emphasizes the decay of the American dream throughout novel by the way Gatsby fails to realize that he had the American Dream, how the valley of ashes is a very significant place, and how society react towards the new generation of corruption and happiness. In the book society portrays the idea of having the American dream; they think that buying the American dream would be the best option to reach happiness and satisfaction. The novel…show more content…
Gatsby is a persistent man who is determined to pursue his dreams despite the consequences that can come with his actions. In the novel, he fails to comprehend that his dream was already behind him. “His dream must be seen so close” (Fitzgerald 189). He believes that everything he was going for would help him to achieve his dreams, bringing back all that he lost. Unfortunately, he did not realize it was already too late to do so. In addition, he mentions how Gatsby’s dreams were also ruined by the worthiness of its objects, money, and pleasure. According to Fitzgerald, Gatsby “…had lost the warm, paid a high price for living too long with a single dream” (169). This is significant as Gatsby was only living in the past, focused only on persuading one thing, when in reality; he ends up not achieving anything due holding on to an unachievable dream for so long. The author discusses how the American dream can lead to one’s demise and how it can affect the person
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