The Great Gatsby Decline Essay

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As time goes on, dreams and virtues begin to decline. This is a truth that happens everyday in the world. It especially happens in F. Scott Fitzgeralds’ “The Great Gatsby”. In the novel, the characters are good-natured but at the same time have low morals. The way that Gatsby and the other characters in "The Great Gatsby" act helps demonstrates the theme of the American dream declining. Jay Gatsby started as a good man who had good beliefs, but eventually got corrupted and began losing his pursuit of happiness. He got his money from corrupted means, such as smuggling alcohol(“1920’s Prohibition”). He was a man who fought in the war and was a good-natured person. However, he let money take over his life and believed he could use it to buy friends and happiness(“The Roaring Twenties). He thought he could forget about the past and change it to his liking(Fitzgerald 110). This is why he couldn’t…show more content…
She is vain and acts dumb. She doesn’t really love Gatsby and only uses him to be away from her husband to make him jealous. It is because of her unrequited love that Gatsby meets his tragic end. It was said that her voice was full of money and She would gladly choose money over love(Fitzgerald 120). In fact, she didn’t really love her own kid, ignoring her to talk with her friends and asking her “How do you like mother’s friends?”(Fitzgerald 117). This is why in the 1920’s, the quest for the American dream for hope and prosperity started to decline. The American dream was declining and was demonstrated by the way the characters acted. F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote “The Great Gatsby” to show that people are corrupted and using immoral means to gain happiness. This book demonstrates that to the best degree possible, using Gatsby and Daisy as examples of the corrupted side of society and Nick as the honest side. This is why “The Great Gatsby” is remembered as one of the best books of F. Scott
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