The Great Gatsby Dialectical Journal Analysis

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One event that is surprising to me personally in the book was when arthur gave nate his 1st place prize which was a skateboard that nate really wanted. Why this is surprising to me is because nate hated him because he entered in his troop and stole his 1st place spot and took his spot in his troop with his friends teddy and francis which they let him in the troop and nate did not agree to the decision of letting him in [Arthur] On pg.43 and on pg.85 it states,teddy says this is nate's best friend¨He really wants to win that skateboard¨. Then nate says ¨no that's my skateboard not his¨.On page 85 it also states , Nate sad this¨Arthur made me some brownies that's so obnoxious and on page 73 nate says¨how much I hate arthur he's so irritating

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