The Great Gatsby Do People Change

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The Great Gatsby Essay

Do people change? Do we think that they are going to change because our emotions made us have great expectations? Do people is what we think they are? The Great Gatsby was written by F. Scott Fitzgerald and has become a classic in the american literature. It is set on the summer of 1922 and talks about the American dream, the Prohibition, the corruption of the rich, the beginning of capitalism mixed with basic human emotions such as hope, love, confusion, selfishness, and fear of losing. In my essay I’m going to analyze Gatsby (he worked for his money, he had a love story five years ago with Daisy and he is friend’s with Nick), Nick (moved to New York for the summer for work, Daisy’s cousin, Gatsby’s neighbor and friend) and Daisy (family money, married to Tom, had a love story with Gatsby five years ago, Nick’s cousin). The main line that the novel follows is how we see people, how other people see them, how they see themselves, and at the end, what is the truth about them.

Gatsby is the character that names this book. He went from poor to rich, but he does not go through a transformation through this novel, because we are introduced
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At the beginning he is honest and because he is not judgemental, a lot of people tell him their secrets, and he happens to be in the middle of everything and knowing everything even though he does not want to be part of it after he realizes how cynic is the people that he is hanging out with now. “I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life” (Fitzgerald 23) Nick says this at the beginning of the book when he does not really knows the society that he is moving in. After the summer ends, and Gatsby is killed and all the other things that happened, all the secrets, all the selfishness, he feels, without doubt, repelled by the society and he moves back to the
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