The Great Gatsby Chain Of Events

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The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, is a tragic love story between Gatsby, an army man who fell into the world of crime, and Daisy, a married woman. Daisy’s cousin, Nick, moves in next door to Gatsby and they almost instantly became friends. When the two lovebirds fall back into each other 's life, it was all smooth sailing until Daisy 's husband got suspicious of her relations with Gatsby. When Daisy runs over Myrtle, Tom’s mistress, Gatsby finds himself in a sticky situation. Willing to take the blame, Gatsby, enjoying his last days of freedom decides to go for a dip in the pool. When suddenly, Myrtle’s husband came in guns a blazing, he kills Gatsby and then himself. Almost nobody showed up to Gatsby 's funeral, except Nick and his father who surprisingly came to show their respects. Even though Gatsby and Daisy were wealthier than most people, their money only seemed to buy them regret and sorrow. It is clear to see from the chain of events that occured money can’t buy happiness. Gatsby is a man idolized by his status and success. He is envied by all who attend his lavish parties, yet he appears to be empty inside. Gatsby…show more content…
The unusual chain of events that occurred in The Great Gatsby would be life changing for anybody, yet it proves that money cannot buy happiness. Money might be able to buy things that make you happy, but it’s about the feeling you get that brightens up your day… It’s not about contemplating which of my five hundred pairs of Prada shoes should I wear today? Money can buy you all the shoes you want, but it still won’t give you happiness. It was unfortunate that Gatsby was killed because, he believed he could achieve happiness through love. In the end, Gatsby’s money is what got him recognized and led to an inevitable fate. Unfortunately, money brings you tragedy more often than “happiness”. It was a shame Gatsby died, but at least he believed in what got him killed. His optimism and faith in love is what made him a truly was a great
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