The Great Gatsby Ending Analysis

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Tyler Barton
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March 13, 2017
The Great Gatsby: A Not So Great Ending In the novel, The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald transports you back to a time where the wealth and lavish lifestyle is envied by all, old money meets new money, and a love story is introduced that will tug at your heart strings. In 2013, director Baz Luhrmann brought the novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald to life and delivered far above average. The Great Gatsby proves to be not only a great novel but also a life lesson for all ages and walks of life. The novel displays themes and symbols that portray an undying love. Although there are some small differences between the movie and the novel, Baz Luhrmann stays true to Fitzgerald’s story. The story
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The green light symbolizes the everlasting love that Jay has for Daisy. It shines every night reminding him of the love that he feels so deeply for her and the hope that they will one day be together again (although that will never happen). Igarashi states, “Perhaps the most powerful symbol of the novel, the green light that hangs at the end of Daisy’s dock represents everything that is possible and forever unattainable for Gatsby. At the end of the first chapter, Nick witnesses Gatsby reaching out to the light, not realizing the connection to Daisy. By the novel’s end, once the green light is forever extinguished for Gatsby, Nick compares it to the green glowing America that early explorers had first glimpsed after months at sea. The promise of a new life for those explorers cruelly mirrored the impossible dream of a life with Daisy that Gatsby clung to, long after any hope of such a future was attainable,” (Igarashi, Quicklet on F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby). The worst part of the whole novel is that Gatsby would have done anything for Daisy, but he never had a chance. Daisy would never truly by with Gatsby (for more reasons than…show more content…
It is filled with outstanding portrayals of each character by the actors, extraordinary scenery, and a love so strong it will convince you that you are Gatsby’s long lost love. The time period stays the same along with the characters. Leonardo Dicaprio does an exquisite job of playing the part of Jay Gatsby. He shows so much of his emotions while still standing guarded and mysterious. Dicaprio does a great job of drawing you into the love triangle and making you feel his love and hurt for Daisy. Dicaprio fits the description of Gatsby very well and makes us connect with him in so many ways. By the end of the movie, he can make you feel like you were the woman that he lost for five years. That’s how intense his love for Daisy shows throughout the film. All in all, the film follows closely with the way that Fitzgerald meant for it to be (Ebert). One could watch the film and it be as though he/she has possibly read the novel. The film will draw you in and make you want to read the novel as soon as you have completed
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