The Great Gatsby Eyes Analysis

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What do your eyes see? Our eyes can tell many stories. The Great Gatsby, by Fitzgerald, depicts the American dream in the 1920s. A man’s, Gatsby’s, pursuit of his dream leads to his death, representing the death of the American dream. Throughout the novel many symbols, such as eyes, tell their own story. We meet the Owl Eyed Man who turns out to be the opposite of what he appears to be: A wise man. We then meet Mr. Wilson who watches his own American dream die.
In The Great Gatsby, eyes and glasses symbolize wisdom and knowledge. We first encounter the owl eyed man in Gatsby’s library (chapter 3). Nick and Jordan were searching for Gatsby, during a party, and stumble upon a library containing a drunken man described as “owl eyed.” The man, as he places a book back on the shelf, mutters about how the whole library would collapse if one brick were removed. Because he is described as owl eyed, we can infer that he is clairvoyant, knowledgeable, and wise. The brick and the library are a metaphor for Gatsby’s dream; he is describing how fragile his dream really is and if something doesn’t line
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These hidden stories help us to understand the author’s message and can even change how we view the book and the characters in it. The owl eyed man seemed to be a useless drunk, but when we looked closer, he actually had a very important role as a wise man. Also, Wilson seemed like a regular guy who became sickly and disturbed towards the end of the book, but through the use of eyes we can see the American dream sickened him along with Gatsby. Next time you read The Great Gatsby or any book, just think what do your eyes see and what they do not see. Symbolism tells its own story and readers can enjoy these hidden meanings. The Great Gatsby is filled with eyes and I think you’ll find the symbolism of eyes and glasses in many books you never thought to look
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