The Great Gatsby Fact Sheet Analysis

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The Great Gatsby Spark Chart
F. Scott Fitzgerald

Literary Period: 1925/Modernism
Form, Structure, and Plot:
The story is told as a flashback through the eyes of Nick Carraway who tells us of a story between a young soldier (Gatsby) and a Southern Belle (Daisy). Story set in summer of 1922.
Rising Action
Gatsby’s extravagant parties and fancy clothes begin to cause Daisy to start falling for Gatsby again. Nick agrees to set up an arrangement with Daisy for Gatsby.
Tom confronts Gatsby about his “secret” meetings with Daisy at the Plaza Hotel resulting in the two arguing. Tom attempts to and succeeds in breaking Gatsby’s facade.
Falling Action
After the fight, Daisy says she doesn’t know a thing about Gatsby. Tom feels safe about his relationship and convinces Daisy that she doesn’t love Gatsby and Daisy rejects Gatsby’s love.
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There are distinct differences between the social classes which are separated by wealth.
Love - Love seems to have different meanings throughout the novel. The love shared by Tom and Daisy seems to be based on affection and loyalty, while the love Gatsby feels for Daisy seems much deeper. However, it is unclear if Gatsby is in love with Daisy or with a dream of Daisy from his memories of the past.
Memory of the Past - Aside from the fact that the entire story is a flashback told through the eyes of Nick, the story itself has a prevalent theme of memory of the past. Gatsby’s entire life has revolved around winning Daisy back because in his mind he recalls this perfect girl that he met as a young soldier. Despite the fact that the current Daisy is distinctly different from the past, Gatsby refuses to let go of the past and finds himself trying to turn back time to live in the past.
Diction and
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