The Great Gatsby Family Theme Essay

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In recent stories that we covered there was a common theme of “family”. This theme was portrayed differently by the different authors. One recurring idea inside the theme of family is the failure of the father figure. A few examples of this are Babylon Revisited by Fitzgerald, The Swimmer by John Cheever, and Separation by John Updike. Although all three of these stories deal with the concept of family issues they are all different in their own respect. We will start with Fitzgerald’s story Babylon Revisited. This story uses a father figure that has failed his daughter. The main character in the story was named Charlie. He was on his way to see his daughter that has been with his sister-in-law. We find out that Charlie has a past of being an alcoholic. This was one…show more content…
This makes up wonder if he has even changed at all. One object I believe plays a role in not only one but most of the stories is alcohol. It’s obvious in Babylon Revisited because the alcohol is what has caused the problems he has today. It also seems to be tempting him while he is on his way to get his daughter back. Another story with the same situation is The Swimmer by John Cheever. Alcohol plays a big role in this story as well. From the opening lines we see that a group of well off citizens in New York are complaining about having drank too much the night before. The difference in these stories is in Babylon Revisited the alcohol in my opinion acted maybe as a medicine to the death of his wife. In The Swimmer, Neddy the main character, used alcohol to show his social status. He jumps from pool to pool on a journey home. He feels comfortable and happy when he is offered a drink when he arrives at the next pool. But he was often rejected, which left him feeling weak. This ultimately led to more drinking and feeling weaker and weaker. We find out in the end of story that the alcohol drove his family away, when he arrives at home and nobody is
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