The Great Gatsby Figurative Language

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The American Dream involves putting all your effort and hopes into accomplishing an impractical but meaningful goal. The novel The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald explores the American Dream through the eyes of James Gatsby. The novel The Great Gatsby, by author F. Scott Fitzgerald, is about a wealthy man named James Gatz,also known as Gatsby, who tries to win back his love Daisy, who has married another man named Tom. Gatsby throws huge parties to try to show off his wealth and lifestyle to catch Daisy’s eye, however, after Daisy and Gatsby finally reunite, an accident that occurs while the two are in Gatsby’s car ultimately results in Gatsby’s death. Fitzgerald uses symbolism, simile, and metaphor throughout his novel to express how Gatsby’s dream was mainly materialistic and he wasn’t able to fully achieve his dream or find fulfillment. Fitzgerald uses Daisy and their homes across the bay as symbols to show how Gatsby is able to see his dream, but not actually reach it. The following quote shows how Daisy is…show more content…
He has been living his life obsessing over Daisy in the hopes of impressing her and has done this all for her and not for himself. Fitzgerald use of figurative language in the novel presents the complications Gatsby ran into throughout his life. The implicit meanings in the passages and the novel as a whole can also relate to society as a whole because Gatsby, although wealthy, can still go through problems just like others can, and still does not achieve his ultimate dream in the end. Gatsby is not able to reach this dream because he had held onto the past for too long, and cannot pursue other elements of happiness. He has wrapped his life around one person, who did not made him feel complete. Gatsby’s story shows how obsessing over an unobtainable dream can cause sorrow in life. The American Dream may thus be more obtainable through smaller, more manageable dreams to
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