The Great Gatsby Flashback Analysis

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In the book The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald, he uses a literary device called a flashback. He used the flashback to tell Mr. Jay Gatsby’s past story to the narrator Nick Carraway while they were at lunch. The flashback was not told by Mr. Gatsby himself but, by one of his and Nick’s friend Jordan Baker. The use of the flashback in the story provided answers to some of the questions in the book. Questions such as to why Mr. Gatsby throws elaborate parties and why he was suddenly interested in Mr. Nick Carraway. The flashbacks begin in chapter four on page 74 after Nick Carraway’s lunch in New York, with Mr. Gatsby. After Nicks’ Conversation with Mr. Gatsby, it leaves him confused and angry. Mr. Gatsby tells Nick, “No, old sport, I’m not. But Miss Baker has kindly consented to speak to you about this matter.” (67). Nick…show more content…
Gatsby’s interest in Daisy led him to put on elaborate events in order to impress her. A friend of mine experienced someone trying to impress them but their actions failed. One-time last year a guy tried to ask my friend, Lilly out. This guy had gotten a beautiful sign made, bought flowers, candy, and food for Lilly. But, Lilly had seen the way he had treated some of the other kids in the school and she did not like it. No matter how much he spent on her she did not want to date him. The final result of the situation was that she rejected his offer to be his girlfriend in the end. The use of the literary device of a flashback helped the story solve questions about Mr. Gatsby and other characters and their relationship. The flashback in the book The Great Gatsby served the purpose of showing the history of Gatsby, Daisy, and Mr. Gatsby. If the flashback was not used it would be hard to understand how the characters were supposed to connect. It also provided a reader with what life was like in the twenties. F. Scott Fitzgerald’s use of a flashback helped to support his story with details and background
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