The Great Gatsby Funeral Essay

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No one came to Gatsby’s funeral because he wasn 't really surrounded by as good of friends as he thought he was and the same thing happened with Willy. No one came to his funeral because he wasn 't really as well known as his family made him out to be. He also believed that he was well-liked salesman when in fact, he was the complete opposite. They were alike in that sense too because Jay wanted to be well liked in the society but when he died everyone thought he was the one who killed Merdyl, so no one liked him any more. The only reason they knew him was because of the parties he threw. So they ended up being un known and unliked people in the end. In reality neither Jay, nor Willy never really physically got out into society. They both would manage to isolate themselves from the world. They were different in…show more content…
He focused on getting money and daisy more that he focused on what things REALLY made him happy. When Nick invited Daisy to Gatsbys was when gatsby started to glow. He becomes a whole new person. Jay already had part of the american dream. He had wealth, as a matter of fact he was very very very wealthy. He has so much money that he didnt know what to do with it. He would throw massive parties every weekend. The thing that no one knew was that he threw these parties desperatly hoping that daisy would show up one night. At least Jay had his wealth to comfort him. Willy never had any thing to comfort his unhappiness. Willy had to borrow 50$ a week and pretend that it is his payment. WIlly had a misterss though. He ended up showering this women with a lot of material items like stockings and gifts. Tom Buchannan, who was Daisys husband and baby daddy, also had a mistress. Tom’s mistress is also a married woman and Mr. wilson does not know about Tom. This is the same cinerio as willys. Only willy has remorse about cheating on his wife, Tom Buchannn does
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