The Great Gatsby Harold Analysis

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Gatsby and Harold are two different individuals. In the novel, Gatsby grew up poor and has made money through the success of distancing himself from his heritage. Harold was well off wealthy, but not as rich as Gatsby was. Both of the characters are calm, and struggle with moving on from their past. Gatsby and Harold, put in efforts in order to relive their past rather than living in the present. They go through emotional stages such as, Gatsby being hurt due to that fact that he can’t be with Daisy and Harold cannot change the past when his mother has abandoned him at a young age. “Although Gatsby throws huge parties, and buys a house near Daisy he still puts in effort as much as Harold did during his walk of journey to Brunswick Upon-tweed. “In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. “You see I usually find myself among strangers because I drift here and there trying to forget the sad things that happened to me.”( Fitzgerald 34). This Quotation shows how Gatsby uses the people around him to forget about his past, and needs the people to help him in order to achieve his goal. Harold fry is very similar to Gatsby, because the people he met during his journey has helped him regain unthoughtful past events, that he did not want to talk about it earlier, and have helped him…show more content…
This quotation is very significant because, very few people had taken relationships seriously. In the Great Gatsby, women were married to men who they did not have strong feelings; they would go have affairs with other people. The lack of trust they had in each other was weak due to them being with someone they did not appreciate were forced to be married to each other. The novel represents marriages settings at parties, which are seen through adultery, deception and
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