The Great Gatsby Humorist Analysis

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A hint of truth usually lies within even the most careless of jokes. Even though many modern day humorists may offend some audiences or create controversy, de Botton’s claim of humorists function within society is certainly plausible due to the fact that they hold social responsibility, remain unbiased within the public eye as well as speak for those who would otherwise have no voice. While many people such as the office holders and servers of the community withhold a public duty to society, humorists do as well. While it is all fun and games, the duty of relaying the truth and reality of certain situations relies on these public servants. For instance, a normal person walking down the street may not be able to say that the police irrationally…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald, Nick Carraway is the satirical voice of the proletariat, a true American. Because Nick embodies the middle class man and mocks the materialistic ideals of the company he keeps, he speaks for the voiceless in the 1920’s. People who did not buy things they couldn’t afford, worked a blue-collar job and lacked upper class ranking, also lacked the option of an opinion or say in societal matters. Nick Carraway laughed at the extravagant ways of the rich bourgeoisie, insisting upon the audience’s conformity to the ideal that the lifestyle was preposterous. Simply put, Nick mocked the rich and within the laughter there remained the muted ideals of the middle class. Another example of humorists raising awareness is Tig Nataro, a stand-up comedian who performs solely on the subject of her own struggle with breast cancer. While her jokes about her small chest or short hair get a surprising amount of laughter, they are truly deep and rather morbid; nonetheless, she raises awareness and implants the thought of breast cancer and the struggles that come with it, therefor the realization of the need for research. Even though Nataro solely told these jokes with the intention of self-therapy and expression, she has reached many people and begun a
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