The Great Gatsby Jealousy Analysis

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In the book the Great Gatsby jealousy plays an important role. It has been theorized in the book that Tom is Jealous of Jay Gatsby. This leads some people to question why this is the case. This could be because the two of them are extremely similar to each other. Gatsby and Tom are argued to be far different from each other but they are more similar then people think. People who are similar to each other tend to be jealous of each other. The most obvious similarity between Tom and Gatsby is that they’re both rich. This can lead to theories of Tom being jealous of Gatsby knowing Gatsby’s wealth can be a threat to him. Tom may also be jealous of they way Gatsby became rich because of the way he explains to Gatsby “You can buy anything at a drug store nowadays.” In this quote Tom could be saying how Gatsby could have became rich so easily by running a drug store meanwhile he could of worked harder to get where he is today. He also seems to be jealous of Gatsby because despite having his own car Tom seemed to have to show off by taking Gatsby’s car and saying to Daisy “come on Daisy I’ll take you in this circus car.” Tom wouldn’t make these remarks if he wasn’t jealous. The difference with Gatsby is that he is not…show more content…
Despite Daisy marrying Tom; Gatsby still has an equally strong passion for her. Another reason why Tom could be jealous of Gatsby is because how much Gatsby and Daisy love each other. Tom could feel jealous of this. We can tell that Gatsby knows this because of a quote where he admits to Nick “I wanted someone who wouldn’t gossip. Daisy comes quite often in the afternoons” If there was nothing going on between Gatsby and Daisy Gatsby wouldn’t be afraid of this. Tom also is afraid of Gatsby stealing Daisy from him when he tries to distract her by saying “Let’s all go out to town” after Daisy mentions the idea. If Tom wasn’t afraid of Daisy talking to Gatsby he wouldn’t try to distract
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