The Great Gatsby Loneliness Quotes

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The book The Great Gatsby written by Scott Fitzgerald is a fascinating tale of isolation and friendship. There’s a proverb that says “loneliness breaks the spirit” (unknown). This proverb really connects to the story about how social interaction is something that the human soul needs. In the book Gatsby's isolation eventually lead to his demise. Everyone that lived in west egg and in east egg new of a gentleman called Gatsby but no one really knew who he was. Now Gatsby had a neighbor nick who loves to observe things and as nick says “It was Gatsby's mansion or rather as I didn't know Mr. Gatsby it was a mansion inhabited by a gentleman." ( Fitzgerald p.5) Not even Gatsby's neighbor knew anything about the guy who throws gaint parties…show more content…
In the book Gatsby didn’t have any good friends and nick his neighbor had a fairly good small group of friends. When nick and Gatsby finally met each other they became good friends then Nick introduced Gatsby to his friends. Throughout the story Gatsby hangs out with his new found friends they have lots of fun together and they enjoy life but like all friends there is drama and fights. Only this fight wasn’t one that was easily resolved. Like almost all fights it was over a girl this girl's name was daisy. Tom was married to daisy but daisy and Gatsby had a small fling many years prior. Gatsby was still madly in love with Daisy well Tom found out about this and he was furious even though he was having a fling with someone else. While Gatsby and Tom fought they tried to convince daisy to say who she loved more which is hard for her to say as shown in this quote”Even alone I can't say I’ve never loved Tom.”(Fitzgerald p.132) After a while Gatsby and daisy left in Gatsby’s car on there way back as they came back they accidentally ran over and killed Myrtle the women who Tom was having an affair with. The fight drove Gatsby to go back to solitude where he met his
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