The Great Gatsby Lower Class Analysis

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The Wealthy Destroy the Lower Class in The Great Gatsby One of the themes that Fitzgerald incorporates into The Great Gatsby is how careless the wealthy are and how they destroy the lower class. Fitzgerald shows people how badly the wealthy can treat the poor and how they don't care. Throughout the entire book, we see time after time of how careless the wealthy are and how their actions destroy the lower class. They don't even treat the lower class well at all. Daisy and Jordan are wanting to throw a party and Daisy asks Nick, “What do people plan?” (Fitzgerald 16). She is talking down to Nick as though he is a member of the lower class. Nick is somewhat wealthy but not as wealthy as the Buchanans. We see an example of this belittling again in chapter two. Nick and Tom are at Myrtle’s apartment and she has this dress that is expensive that she will give away for nothing. She is also talking about how she has all these nice things and that you can't count on the lower class. She says to everybody about how you can't count on the lower class and she says, “I told that boy about the ice. These people! You have to keep after them all the time,” (Fitzgerald 36). She is talking about the lower class in a…show more content…
Tom, Nick, Daisy, Jordan, and Gatsby have been around each other all day and Tom has exposed the truth about Gatsby. Daisy and Gatsby left in his car and Daisy was driving when she killed Myrtle. Gatsby tried to pull the wheel from her and he couldn't. Daisy is a member of the higher class. She completely destroyed a member of the lower class because of her carelessness and Gatsby was the one who took the blame. Gatsby and Nick are talking of the whole accident later that evening and Nick asks, “Was Daisy driving?” Gatsby has taken the blame for the accident but admits to Nick that she was driving. Daisy is careless and let Gatsby take the blame for
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