The Great Gatsby Madness Analysis

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Jaco’Bee Campbell
English 3H-0
18 September 2015
The Madness of Loving in the Past
Finding love is hard but, once an individual finds love and then loses that special person the conflict is inevitable because the moments and memories were unforgettable. Although a person may convince himself that he is over his feelings, it is easy to drive himself crazy over something that should've been left behind. In the novel The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, portrays the main character Jay Gatsby as a person that is obsessed with his past which leads him to madness.
Gatsby is hopeful that he can repeat the past but fix some of the things that went wrong, by doing things that will grasp Daisy’s attention such as having excessive parties in the hopes that she will come. Gatsby wants to relive the past by getting back with Ddaisy and being with her forever as they planned before he went to fight in WWI. He plans a reunion 5 years later with daisy he could attempt to get a fresh start "I called up Ddaisy...and invited her to...tea" (83) this expressed his attempt to reunite with Ddaisy,“don't
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Over the past years Gatsby thinks that the reason Daisy left him is because he wasn't financially stable “because I was poor and she was tired of waiting for me.” (130) Gatsby thought that showing his wealth and nice gifts could make her run back to him. Gatsby makes many attempts to gain acceptance from others with materialistic things this he made visible with throwing immaculate parties that he never really invited individuals they just came "if I attended his "little party" that night" (41), but did Gatsby really do it all for Daisy ? Once Gatsby and Daisy gets in contact it's impossible for him to try not to impress her it's been five years and he wants her back so his strategy is simple and vague because not all women are
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