The Great Gatsby Manipulation Analysis

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Manipulation of Men through the Power of Women in The Crucible and The Great Gatsby
“A complete woman is probably not a very admirable creature. She is manipulative, uses other people to get her own way and works within whatever system she is in.”(Anita Brookner). Manipulative abusers have a tendency to abide in extremes. They regularly begin off being extremely thoughtful, considerate and mindful. They put people on a platform and put in a tons of effort. This is a part of the prepping procedure. Making people feel special is a part of their way of manipulation. Once they have you hooked emotionally, they have a strong grounded position from which they begin to start manipulating and controlling people. Once under the influence of love from a women, the women has full control over a man’s destiny. When
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Daisy shows the deadly sin of greed, as she does not appreciate the love Gatsby has towards her, but more the money aspect, through the throwing of the shirts and being able to fulfill her wants .When in reality Daisy really does not love Gatsby, the way she did five years ago. Thus through temptation Daisy was able to achieve her wants, by tempting Gatsby through love. Both men are under the temptation by a women from an affair, to meet the benefit of the women character. The strong power of feminism shines out, as the women try to manipulate the men into gaining love and wealth for their own well-being. John, however is able to avoid the temptation from Abigail, but on the other hand Gatsby is not able to control himself. Gatsby is falling into Daisy’s mind, and she has the ability to manipulate him to her liking, and have full control on him. Finally, John is able to control his temptation of going back to Abigail, compared to the way Daisy is able to intrigue Gatsby through her voice and thoughts, without having Gatsby be
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