The Great Gatsby Marxism Analysis

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The Great Gatsby written by F. S Fitzgerald, in 1925, is a story, a very tragic story, about Jay Gatsby and his desire of to be with the person he loves more than anything in the world. In this essay I will point out all the aspects and points in the novel that’s showing fundamental principles of Marxism. The fundamental argumentation is based on that “The American Dream” is only an illusion to disguising the poverty and class inequality that were pervasive under the Jazz Age, in 1920. I will in this essay prove that statement by pointing out the Marxist principles for “The American Dream” that I have found in The Great Gatsby

But first of all what is “the American dream”? The American Dream is a national philosophy created by the United States, a set of ideals in which the liberal freedom includes the opportunity for welfare and success, and increasing social state for the individual. The statue of “the American dream” should be accomplished through hard work in a quite easily. An aspect of Marxism is how much the characters use an economic services or commodity, a commodity is a marketable item produced to satisfy wants or needs. The term of this is consumers, which are quite many of in the novel. Tom and Daisy are a great example of this. They never work and Tom, in this case, is said to be has a high wealth prestige, which are inherited money. He has never had a real job, because of his wealth, and now just leaving like nothing even matter, just the cheating
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