The Great Gatsby Movie And Book Comparison Essay

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A book is an extension of your imagination everything you see while reading is completely unique to anyone else which is why books are so appealing to people. A movie however is a visual representation of someone else (primarily the director's) vision of the book. There's a distinct difference between the two when a book is being made into a movie you lose in the process your will to make it appear visually however you want. The current comparison is between the 1974 film of The Great Gatsby and the book written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Some movies are better than others when it comes to portraying the book in the same light as it was written and this movie does a good job of making the book come to life except three keys important details. First detail being left out was the appearance or even mention of the character Dan Cody an influential character in Gatsby's life. Also, the owl-eyes guys in the library nick encounters is not shown in the movie. Other things such as Tom and Myrtle's appearances were skewed in the movie. Dan Cody one of the most influential if not the most influential person to Gatsby is left out. The book portrays him as a father figure teaching gatsby everything he knows. He took gatsby broke and alone at 17 and made him into the gatsby you see in the movie and book, the millionaire and…show more content…
This importance is noted as showing that throughout the book you see dishonesty cheating lying yet in the end there's a glimmer of hope that at least one person still has good characteristics which is portrayed through the owl-eyes man. This detail probably goes overlooked by many and might not be missed in the movie but without I think doesn't rap up the bitter story with more of a bittersweet ending showing at least person is good in this
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