The Great Gatsby Movie Vs Book Analysis

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Instructions: As you watch The Great Gatsby, use the chart below to mark down at least 5 differences that you see between the book that we read and the film that you watch.

On the left side of the chart, write the difference that you see. On the right side of the chart, describe how the difference affects the story.

Difference between movie and book
How it affected the novel/story
Example: The movie begins with Nick in a sanitarium, and the book does not.
This makes it seem as though Nick went insane from the events of the story, which is not accurate.
At the beginning of the movie, Nick’s doctor asks him to write about his memories of Gatsby since he will not talk about them.
In the book, Nick never reveals the reason why he wrote
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It makes it seem like absolutely no one cared about his death except Nick.
Gatsby’s daughter is not involved in the movie.
If Daisy didn’t have a daughter with Tom, then it would be even easier for her to leave Tom for Gatsby.

Do the differences in this film version improve the story, hurt the story, or have no effect on the story? Answer directly, and clearly explain your thoughts in at least two or three sentences. I think some of the changes from the book in the movie improve the story because they make the audience have more of an emotional appeal with the audience. When you can see the joy, hurt, anger, or worry on someone’s face it makes it a lot easier to understand the characters’ motives behind their actions. The symbol of Eckleburg’s eyes is much more prevalent in the movie and it makes the audience understand clearly the significance behind them. Other changes had no effect on the story because they were just items added in for dramatic effect, like Gatsby’s aggression towards Tom after Tom told him they were not equal. I feel like if I would have watched the movie first and then read the book the changes would seem much more
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