The Great Gatsby Passage Analysis Essay

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In the given passage from the novel The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the author compares and contrasts two sets of characters, Tom and Daisy with Gatsby, to surface the differences that had been drawn between them due to their attitudes and moral values. Through the usage of dialogues, focus on the moral values of each set and Nick Carraway’s description of the characters the author conveys this idea to the readers. One reason behind the significance of this passage is the fact that through the usage of dialogues and Nick Carraway’s descriptions the author adds a dimension to the ‘careless’ characters in the novel, Tom and Daisy. Throughout the novel Tom has proven to be a selfish and hypocritical man who would do anything to save…show more content…
Throughout the novel, Gatsby is regarded as a self-made gentleman who doesn’t drink at his own parties due to his morals. However in this passage, through the descriptions and reflections of Nick the reader discovers how Daisy’s love had corrupted his morals. Before coming to the East, Gatsby’s aspiration was to achieve the American Dream but in this passage we discover the fact after his love with Daisy, all he ever wanted was to win Daisy as if she was an award of excellence. He keeps trying blindly as “he did not know that is was already behind him, somewhere in that vast obscurity beyond the city”. This quote supports the claim as Gatsby is being ignorant to the truth as he is not willing comprehend the fact that he could not accomplish his only goal in life. Furthermore in this passage, Nick states that “Gatsby believed in the green light”, alluding to the idea that Gatsby himself had given significance to the light and made it a symbol for guiding him, not merely realising that he was deteriorating from his original American dream and corrupting
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