The Great Gatsby Personal Narrative

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As a young child, my dream was to become a man of incredible wealth; a man who could not only provide for his family but a man boldly devoted to his job, a man so happy with no boundaries. Wasn’t this the American Dream?

Today, I have the same dream as I did 30 years ago. I am where I want to be, yet I could never have imagined myself here. Living in one of the biggest houses in New York City on Long Island in West Egg. However, this is not my house. I live in Mr Jay Gatsby’s house, although many would call it a mansion. Gatsby’s home features a marble swimming pool and a garden with more than forty acres of lawn.

The people are wealthy, prosperous and have leisure time, with nothing to worry other than how they are perceived. It is the 1920’s, a time of tremendous change. World War I has recently ended, and the economy is booming.

Tonight, as every weekend is one of Mr Gatsby’s parties. From all over the city people gather to celebrate. My duties leading up to the party tonight are to prepare, well, everything. I usually start at the very top of the house, walking down the seven-carat
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Everyone is dressed in ravishingly expensive clothes and drinking only the most expensive wine one can buy. I am wandering through the party with my tray of drinks, overhearing the scandalous gossip. I have never met so many people so disinterested in society, who do not bother to understand politics, religion or education. Instead, these people spend the entirety of their time conforming to the required social standards that they’ve brought upon themselves. No wonder my mother did what she did. My friends and family are so different to these people; we don’t have beautiful clothes, nor we do we have time as many of the people around me do, those who can go out and do whatever they feel to do is not possible for someone like me. I strive for my children’s education to be better than mine and respect all
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