The Great Gatsby Persuasive Speech

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How dramatic are the teenage years that flies so fast, Faster than the speed of light and louder than the sound of rocket blast; It’s no surprise we indulge ourselves into the past, To remember the happiness and all that jest. If you conclude that all life experiences are déjà vu, It would be absurd if teenage years are in that list too; Since bizarre activities would be waiting for you, To help you unravel your useful tools, And to persuade that you have always been a fool. Though your teenage years might not always be unicorns and rainbows, And you are not always be like the grapes growing in the vineyards of Bordeaux, I am sure that you can rectify the whole situation with a single “hello”, To a stranger you never know or to a beautiful girl whose hair smells like pistachio.…show more content…
Let me tell a secret that would haunt you forever, That I am the “Modern Gatsby” that possess a lot of treasures; Even though I know we would never be together, I still treasure every moment of watching her, Experiencing the scent of pistachio like what I always prefer. So now I ask each of you a little favor, That you would enjoy your teenage years and perceive this as something major; That you would never stop loving even in the face of danger, And always smile even when you feel like you are a
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