The Great Gatsby Plot Analysis

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1.)The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald
Main Characters: Nick Carraway Jay Gatsby Daisy Buchanan Tom Buchanan Jordan Baker Myrtle Wilson George Wilson Owl Eyes
Setting: The Roaring Twenties, West Egg and East Egg, New York, Long Island
One Sentence Plot Summary: Nick meets Gatsby, who is madly in love with his cousin Daisy, and gets caught in the middle of a love triangle, Gatsby loved Daisy, but Daisy was more in love with the thought of Gatsby, and in the end the hectic love triangle “kills” (Really is was Wilson) Gatsby.
Major Motifs and Themes: The “Hollowness” of The upper class. The decline of the American Dream, the green light represented Gatsby 's hopes and dreams, Doctor E.J. Eckleburg’s billboard was the eyes of God, the Valley of Ashes represented the moral, social, and economic decay due to the pursuit of wealth.
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One Sentence Plot Summary: Janie returns to her hometown, there is a lot of gossip about what happened to her, and she tells the story to her best friend Pheoby.
Major Motifs and Themes: Shows love and relationships versus being independent, Janie learning the power of speech and silence, the conquest for the means of fulfillment, the hurricane symbolized how chaotic life can be. 3.) Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare
Main Characters: Romeo Juliet Friar
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