The Great Gatsby Power Analysis

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Curiosity and Power: How Nothing Good Comes From Restrictions Have you ever been told you can’t do something? In the beginning, you agree to the terms but as time passes your mind starts to wander and you keep thinking about the thing you aren’t supposed to do. Temptations can be a killer in disguise. Or, have you ever dangled an idea in front of someone then snatched it back before they could say anything? Power is also a destroyer. And when power is holding back someone’s curiosity well then that is just a deadly mix. In the story of Bluebeard the key, to the little is a symbolization. It symbolizes Bluebeards power and his new wife’s curiosity. It is amazing how something so small can mean so much, as you will find out throughout this…show more content…
The theme of Bluebeard is no matter the power of curiosity nothing good comes from it. For Bluebeard, even though he set all these rules and wanted his wife to follow his instructions his power got the best of him. He expected his wife to hold back her true self. His wife couldn’t fight the urge to use the key and in the end, even though it was the wife that “did wrong”, Bluebeard paid with his life. As for Bluebeard’s wife, once she opened the secret door she discovered she married a psychopath. The room was filled with Bluebeard’s dead ex-wives. In her case, she did find out that her husband was crazy but she also took the chance that Bluebeard wouldn’t have given her so long to say her prayers and just killed her once he got home. To put it in simplest terms, curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back. (Eugene O’Neil, Famous Quotes, 2011). Even though, Bluebeard’s wife opened the little closet door and risked the chance of her husband finding out, she came out happier than ever. She ended up marrying another rich man and living happily ever after. To get to that though she took the chance of having to deal with Bluebeard’s rage and loathing, was worth it in the end, finding that the man she married was undoubtedly
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