The Great Gatsby Report

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In the book "The Great Gatsby", a man narrates his life from where he is to how he got there. In this story, he meets many characters that either help him or make his journey all the more difficult. These characters either have history with the main character, are meeting him for the first time, both, or have history with one another but none with the main character (whose name is Nick). However, one character in particular has as much interest in Nick as he has with him. This character 's name is Jay Gatsby.

In the beginning of the story, Nick moves to a place called "West Egg". He goes there to pursue a career in selling bonds. Once moved in, he soon learns of his neighbor. His neighbor, Jay Gatsby, also knows who his new neighbor is, and why he should care about his presence. After a few days of Nick gathering information about this "Gatsby", he finally meets him. Once meeting him, he notices
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He offers him many things, and he buys his friendship. However, Nick is not fascinated with Gatsby for his money or his hospitality. He is fascinated with how he got where he was. How he went from a normal person to a war hero, and a millionaire. He wanted to know how he earned his title "The Great Gatsby".

As Nick learns, Gatsby earned his nickname by becoming a war hero among other things. He made many well-known friends that helped him get where he is now. This fascinates Nick. He sees greatness in Gatsby and wants to learn from him. He wants to be as rich and famous as Gatsby. He wants to learn, and Gatsby is willing to teach him.

In conclusion, Gatsby fascinates Nick because of his fame and money. Gatsby went from being a normal poor person to a well-known millionaire. Nick wants to know how and when this process took place, and how Gatsby became "The Great Gatsby". Gatsby shares his story with Nick. He tells him all about his life both before and after he earned his title. Nick sees Gatsby as his trusted friend and
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