The Great Gatsby Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Leah Pope Mrs. Dixon Honors American Literature Class 3B 03/02/17 The Great Gatsby Rhetorical Analysis Essay Nick Carraway and Jay Gatsby are polar opposites. Nick is poor while Gatsby is rich, Nick is laid-back while Jay is social and throws extravagant parties every weekend, and Nick is honest and doesn’t hide who he is while nobody truly knows who Gatsby really is or how he got his riches or even what he really does. So, how are the two such close friends? Through the differences, Fitzgerald immaculately used multiple elements and devices to style his writing and portray Nick and Jay’s characters and their relationship. Fitzgerald has astounding diction and syntax while still being able to keep his writing simple and fun to read. He uses his great diction and syntax to reveal his tone throughout the novel. In chapter 7, Nick Carraway recounts “an unfamiliar…show more content…
The point of view throughout the whole book is mainly of Nick. He is basically telling the story of his memory of Gatsby and the story of his love and in the end, his tragic death. At times, the point of view changes to an outside look on the situation and the person with the point of view doesn’t really have a name. For example, in chapter 7, Myrtle was arguing with her husband and then hit by a car, “What happened?”--that’s what I want to know.” “Auto hit her. Ins’antly killed.” “Instantly killed,” repeated Tom, staring. “She ran out ina road. Son-of-a-bitch didn’t even stopus car.” The point of view could have been of future Nick. Maybe, he figured out and learned what had happened that day and that is how he knew, but in that moment he wasn’t there to witness. In this story, Nick is known to quote other sources when he cannot acquire a first hand model of the facts. For instance, Gatsby’s love affair is told by Jordan Baker in chapter four. Nick uses Jordan’s words but she is known to be a liar "The
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