The Great Gatsby Satire Analysis

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Satire in The Great Gatsby Is Fitzgerald's novel a love story that exposes the American ideals, or may it be a satire that highlights troubles throughout the American Society in the twenties? The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald uses satire to comment on the American society during the roaring twenties. Satire is visible through the contrast between Jay Gatsby and George Wilson, but most importantly through the Valley of Ashes and Gatsby’s parties. Using these characters and places, Fitzgerald shows the American dream has died and been replaced with the pursuit of money, rather than happiness. Gatsby himself is the best example of the perverted new dream. Gatsby gets his cash through bootlegging. He does whatever he can to get wealthy and…show more content…
This location shows how the aspiration has been perverted into something terribly dark and sinister. This is the desire of wealth at any price and also the ideal that cash will cause you to happy. “This is a depression of ashes- a fantastic farm wherever ashes grow like wheat into ridges and hills and grotesque gardens; where ashes take the forms of houses and chimneys and rising smoke…” (Pg. 26). this quote shows the results of the fashionable materialistic society of new york. Everybody wants to be the wealthy however the poor suffer lots as a result of the by-product of the capitalistic society. The by-product during this novel is the Valley of Ashes. This shows how individuals throw out regard for others in exchange of the pursuit to be wealthy (This is incredibly immoral). This is often believed to be the American Dream. On the opposite hand you have got extravagant parties at the Gatsby house simply to impress a lady. this is a pointy contradiction which fits into Fitzgerald’s attempt to use satire to prove the purpose that the dream has died. The novel the great Gatsby uses satire to indicate that the American Dream is dead throughout the roaring twenties. Fitzgerald does this through subtle comparisons and commenting on the valley of Ashes, Gatsby’s parties, Gatsby himself, and Myrtle and George Wilson. The disreputable American Dream has been replaced with greed and the pursuit of cash instead of
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