The Great Gatsby Second Person Narrative Essay

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In comparison, Schoemperlen’s “Red Plaid Shirt” uses second person narration and this creates the effect of the narrator distancing herself from the narrative. Schoemperlen tells the narrative by projecting it onto the reader which as Hall notes “creates several possible relationships between the narrator and narratee which ultimately informs the overall narrative” (Hall 1). Second person narration leaves a lot of room for the reader to interpret the story based on their own personal life experiences and is more effective at relaying emotions. Schoemperlen also risks alienating the audience if the reader is unable to connect with the emotions she is trying to convey. This approach would not have worked in “The Great Gatsby” as projecting the…show more content…
Scott Fitzgerald is written in first person perspective with Nick Carraway as the narrator because it enables the reader to gain a firm understanding of Nick Carraway’s character as well the events of the narrative. Nick Carraway’s statements alluding to his integrity as a narrator as well as his feelings for Jay Gatsby reveal a lot about his character despite him trying to remain independent of the story and withholding judgement. It’s the minor details that reveals what judgements he has which enables the reader to derive his character. In comparison, Schoemperlen’s uses of second person narration has a much different effect where the narrator’s character is revealed by distancing herself from the narrative and projecting it upon the narratee. Both styles are effective due to the type of narrative they’re telling and what they’re trying to convey to the reader. In the case of “The Great Gatsby” the series of events is the key focus whereas the emotions of the narrator in the “Red Plaid Shirt” are the key focus. Despite, their effectiveness both have their respective drawback however despite this, the style of narration chosen by each author is highly effective and serves each respective narrative compellingly due to what they’re trying to convey and the length of the
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