The Great Gatsby Selfish Quotes

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Seen by others “As soon as I arrived I made an attempt to find my host, but the two or three people of whom I asked his whereabouts stared at me in such an amazed way, and denied so vehemently any knowledge of his movements, that I slunk off in the direction of the cocktail table – the only place in the garden where a single man could linger without looking purposeless and alone.” (Fitzgerald, 42) This quote describes Nick and how he gets invited to Gatsby’s party when he doesn’t know who Gatsby is. He asks people at the party and they have never seen him before. Gatsby is seen as mysterious to many people. Almost all of the people that go to his parties don’t know who he is and have never seen him. At his parties many rumors float around like him being an Oxford man, a bootlegger, the nephew to Von Hindenburg, and killing a man. No one is sure if these rumors are true. That is what makes Gatsby so mysterious to many people. Nick finds Gatsby so mysterious by the way he is always watching Nick at the beginning of the book then he seems to disappear without Nick being able to see his face or talk to him. Nick also finds Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy to be mysterious. Gatsby with do anything…show more content…
Gatsby wants Daisy in his life and he is determined to get her. He bought a mansion and moved across the water just for her. Five years later he has never stopped loving her and is his true love. Gatsby's extravagant parties and lots of people over his house for hope that Daisy would show up and he would find her again. The green light that Gatsby sees at the end of Daisy’s porch symbolizes wanting Daisy and being close to his dreams of having her. Gatsby’s flaw in his life is his unconditional love for Daisy. He can never get over her and never will. Daisy was the reason Gatsby died because Gatsby covered for an accident that was daisy's fault but didn’t want her to get hurt or taken away from

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