The Great Gatsby Selfishness Quotes

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This question ask if Roark is correct in praising selfishness and denouncing altruism is a trick question. When asking based on the word correct one often wonders on whose view you are speaking through. In my eyes no, Roark is merely passing off his crimes in the name of himself despite the fact that he did bomb and destroy buildings that he did not own. But in Roark 's own eyes he feel that he is right, and that sense the building where supposed to be built in his image they should be made the way he says they should. Often when one acts on selfiness they find themselves in many of the situations that these characters find themselves in. With Roark and Henry Cameron they, throughout the novel try desperately to build the building they want…show more content…
In the end this hurts both Henry and Roark 's business and reputation further. The soon go bankrupt. by acting on one 's own will and unwilling to compromise in order to survive both men lose everything. The one common trait shared by most characters in the Novel share are the unwavering need to build something that is all their own. Most of the time they act in selfless to achieve what they want. Toothy is a prime example of this. Much like Roark toothy believes in the philosophy of selfies. But he uses it differently. Toothy much preferred to control other issuing it. The reader can see it throughout the novel but the one that sticks out the most is Toothys control in both Wayans paper empire and keating total submission to Toothy. Toothy use the selfishness of other in order to gain power. He uses Keating to attack Roark and even goes as far as convincing Keating to push the board to change the original design in the Courtland project. This is Toothys last push to force Roark under and get rid of him from the arcturian field. Which in turns leads to the mental collapse of Keating and the bombings of the buildings. This illustrates what promoting fa selfishness lifestyle does to most people it affects. This is way it is not
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