The Great Gatsby Similarities And Differences

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Great Gatsby Comparison and Differences The movie The Great Gatsby and the book The Great Gatsby have many similarities and differences. Some of the characters, and some of the scenes are very alike, but at the same time, they are not alike. In this paper, you will be reading about some of the major similarities and some of the major differences between the characters in the book, the characters in the movie, the scenes from the book, and the scenes from the movie. The first major difference you will be reading about will occur right at the beginning of the movie and book where Nick is talking to a doctor who is working with him on his alcohol problems. In the book, it is hard to tell who Nick is talking to but in the movie, you can tell that he is talking to a doctor or therapist. When reading the book, the people or audience may think that he is more of a thoughtful individual when really he is more of a loud person. I think the reason the director of the movie made Nick like this is because he…show more content…
Now, remember that this is taken place during the prohibition. While they are down in the speakeasy, the police sheriff is down there having fun with them. Now, again, since this is during the prohibition, this is when alcohol was illegal. So what is a police officer doing in the speakeasy having fun and not arresting people? This isn’t making sense to me because they should be arrested but maybe it’s because it’s Jay Gatsby, he will just buy his way out. For example, on the way to lunch, Gatsby was going about 120 mph through a busy street where people were only going around 40. A cop pulled up to him and told him to pull over, instead of pulling over, he showed him a blank card that just said Jay Gatsby. I would assume this was a driver's licence, but the cop just lets him
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