The Great Gatsby: The Rise Of The Stock Market

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Then, as long as you meet people walking in the street, whether these are metropolitan like New York, San Francisco, or rural town.If you do not talk a few about stock market, we have almost nothing to say. This decade, the Dow Jones index rose from 70 points to 381 points, on volume of daily stock market can easily more than 500 million shares. The myth such as becoming a millionaire overnight happens every day. In the event that finally, whether rich or poor, will make all own wealth into the stock market and even to borrow finance to buy stocks because they believe it is the best way to get richer. By the end of 1927, the economy began to appear some warning signals. Until February 1928, many pundits started to make some warning information,…show more content…
With his bold but cautious and wisdom, by betting liquor may also buy stocks finally became a millionaire. But the poor are always poor, perennial habit, the idea is not mature enough, blindly worships money for a woman to waste his money, temporary success makes him extremely conceited, eventually led to the tragedy itself.Here we leave alone the Gatsby’s great, he is like a nouveau riche profit in the stock market, but did not use the money to do meaningful things, but to the pursuit of love in the name of it squandered. Which increased the stock market bubble, it also aroused discontent of other…show more content…
And they never take into account the interests of the people at the bottom, and when they use their own funds to support the foam to be large enough, cruel pierce it and then himself get out easily. Leaving only the bottom of people actively look dead. But they did not know their actions will created the Great Depression for many years, that make they can not live easily either. ③Learning from History As can be seen from the above, those at the bottom of the people’s greedy, the nouveau riche’s extravagance, capitalists’ruthless, they are the human’s factors to the stock market crash. Of course there are many more factors make the formation of the stock market bubble and burst. Reference factors summarized above, in my personal opinion, the current bull market in China, to prevent investors to buy stocks is not unreasonable, but to remember the following points: 1: To remember that we are hard to beat the house retail, and just remember to leave when you make a profit, remember not to use excessive leverage risk to stocks 2: Do not blindly stocks, If you want to make money in the stock market,you need knowledgement and courage, and lose money is normal, to maintain a good
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